Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ode to the Fence

I ran a really fun 8 miles tonight, but as usual it was made even more lively by all the yappy-snappy dogs that live in the neighborhood. 

You know the dogs I mean - the ones that sit immobile on the porch or in the doorway, then come tearing out into their yards as you go by, barking as though you've got a lamb chop the size of their neighbor's cat tied around your neck and they're dead set on having it - and you -  for their late-night snack.

There was one especially hair-raising instance of this tonight, and as I ran off, feeling the back of my neck tingling, I pondered the amount of faith we place in what seem like relatively innocuous structures: fences.

Then, I wrote a little ditty about it.

Ode to the Fence

Oh Mr. Tall Fence, please hold
When the fierce dog jumps, don't fold
Please hold.

Oh Mr. Tall Fence, please hold
Though he'll claw with his nails, be bold
and please hold.

He'll start his attack
With a launch from the back

And he'll charge for the rails
Leaving troughs with his nails

His teeth sharp and white
As I brace for the bite

I run even faster
And plead 'gainst disaster...

So Mr. Tall Fence, please hold -
Please hold.


  1. Cute :) Thank goodness for fences!

  2. I LOVE THIS. How creative! I had a very close call with a Pitt today and Mr. Tall Fence saved my day too, ironic. Hope you are enjoying life, and running.