Saturday, September 24, 2011

The strategy is... there is no strategy

So, with the Twin Peaks 50 Mile Ultra two weeks away, it's time to take stock of where we are now.

What's nice is that I haven't been thinking too hard about the race, which is as it should be. After the AC100, I was a bit worn out emotionally, physically, and mentally, not only from the race, but from events in my personal life. It took about four weeks to become interested in running after that, and another few weeks to really start caring about mileage.

But as of today, I'm back in love with trail running and excited to think about what's to come. I have a few events left this year - after Twin Peaks, there's the Chimera 100 Mile Mountain Race, and one week after that, there's the Red Rock 50 Mile Run (still deciding on that one, but it sounds like such fun it's very hard to say no).

Beyond those races, my mind has been centered on what next year will hold. For 2011, my goal was to learn about 100 mile races, and how to run (hike, walk, crawl.... you get the picture) them. I did that by entering four of them, and yes, it taught me a lot.

For 2012, I'd like to explore some further distances, probably with the help of fastpacking, which holds a lot of appeal... we'll have to see. It will be easier to decide once a few things settle down, but that's the goal.

In the meantime, I've been running in the 55-60 mpw zone for the last two weeks, and while that ain't much to some runners, it's pretty good for me. At least, until I get that fat salary and only have to work 20-30 hours per week, or can afford that full-time nanny I've been hankering for.

So far, I'm feeling great - and I haven't been worrying about races. Not gonna. Won't do it.

At least, that's the strategy. I just want to enjoy running for a while.

Twin Peaks will be a fun one - beautiful mountains, and enough climb to make you feel like you're really earning your finish. Looking forward to getting my ass kicked out there, and actually following the right course all the way to completion this year - no Boy Scout assistance needed this year, thanks very much.

Should be a fun one.

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  1. Seems the strategy of having no strategy paid off in spades. Unlike a number of other runners, you looked in good spirits while headed up the Main Divide to Santiago Peak. If your smile was any indication, I should say your desire to enjoy running for awhile is coming to fruition.

    Oh, and congratulations on the course record. I suppose that doesn't hurt the enjoyment factor either.