On this blog I share my experiences as I navigate further into the world of ultrarunning, and in particular, learn how it both fits with and compliments my responsibilities at work and at home.

That's a weird title. What does it mean? 

The name of this blog comes from a comment my four-year-old daughter made to me one night as we approached the house in the car. As usual, it was the end of a long day for all of us, and I scanned the street for a parking spot that was close to our house.

Then, my daughter turned to me with a request. "Mommy, can we park the car far? I like it when my legs feel tired." She didn't have to say any more - I knew exactly what she meant.

"Yes, we sure can." I said.

I drove past the spots near our house and parked down the street at the bottom of a hill. After releasing Sevilla and her younger brother from their carseats, we gathered our things, then I followed as they ran laughing in the darkness up the sidewalk in the direction of our house.

Sevilla's made the same request often since that day, and I always comply. I like it when my legs feel tired too.