Thursday, January 12, 2012

Yet another reason to run at Chimera 100... bad-ass belts

Two days ago I was excited and surprised to open a package from California Bohemian Leather.

Excited, because I knew it would hold a custom belt provided to the first three male and female finishers of the Chimera 100, but surprised, as it contained an extra key fob with my name on it, all beautifully hand-cut, hand-punched, hand-tooled and hand-dyed.

"Red Second Sunrise" belt design, with custom Chimera logo

Great work by Marisol and Lance, thanks to them and Steve Harvey, I've got a unique race prize that I will value for years to come!

Check out the rest of their selection online, or come run the Chimera 100 in 2012 and get your own belt for free by placing in the top three for your gender.

I hope to see you there... and I've already got my eye on that Hawaiian Dusk.