Saturday, May 22, 2010

Thirty Four!

It's my 34th birthday, and already the crisis is starting.

In both my search for meaning and a separate-but-not-entirely-unrelated search for a brutally challenging physical event to complete in the not-too-distance future, so far this morning I have googled the following:

extreme ultra races
most challenging ultra races
toughest ultra races
Great Wall of China marathon
Everest ultra race
swimming the English Channel

I have also googled "age appropriate clothing" but that's a separate issue.

I turned up a number of races of interest, including but not limited to the following (the below just happened to catch my eye for varying reasons):

  • Addo Elephant Trail Run in Africa
  • 6633 Extreme Winter Ultra Marathon in the Arctic Circle
  • The Great Wall of China Marathon
I also learned that when officially attempting an English Channel swim, one must wear a "standard swimming costume" (no covered arms, legs, or made of bouyant materials) and can expect to be in the frigid water for 7 to 27 hours.