Friday, March 4, 2011

Moon gazing

One of the cool things about running in the early morning is that it has let me feel more at peace in the dark.

I used to feel tired in the dark, or suspicious of what lurked in the shadows - now I feel energized. I look up at the night sky and sign happily at the moon. I think about people in different parts of the world, in different timezones, and how they must look up at that same moon when it is their turn for darkness. We may be thousands of miles away both geographically and culturally yet we still stare up at that same moon and breathe in the beauty of the night.

I think how lucky I am to be out and running. Those that are still in their beds may have slept in longer, but are not necessarily feeling more healthy or rested - in fact, some are probably moving much more slowly and with less energy than I. I don't envy them in their beds.

Yes, I'd rather be out - most mornings, that is... except Sunday.

Sunday is sleep-in day... before the week and then early mornings spent running and moon gazing begin once more.

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