Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hairy and Unimpressed

There's an LA Fitness right down the street from my office, and often thought of getting a membership there so I can have a place to work out, swim, or shower after a run outside and still be near to work.

Today, I decided to pull the trigger. The guy who signed me up was geniune and enthusiastic despite his salesman schtick. He asked what I like to do for exercise - I told him I'm a runner.

Well, I was in luck, he announced, because he is a running EXPERT and has completed THREE marathons! The emphasis on EXPERT and THREE was his...

He then paused so I could be suitable impressed... I nodded idly for several seconds before realizing he was still waiting for a reaction. Not wanting to be rude, I then raised my eyebrows, nodded, and said "Mmm-hmm," in what I thought was an encouraging tone.

Driving away I thought what an exercise snob I've become, where three marathons is more the norm than something that stands out as impressive.

I can look forward to more gems from this fellow next week as I get a 60 minute session with a trainer (him) free with my membership. Upon hearing this from him, my first thought was "Well, shoot... guess I'll have to shave my legs for that one..."

Hairy AND unimpressed... what a lucky fellow this guy is that he gets me for 60 minutes, huh?


  1. if he'd run 3, sub 2:30 marathons....

    It might be a kinda fun to watch his face crack after he gets wind of your running resume....

  2. Hilarious!! People like that make me giggle :) Have fun with that one!

  3. I will, thanks! Actually I bet I will be eating crow, as he will probably teach me some very handy tips... but the pause as he waited for my recognition of his accomplishments did make me smile :)