Sunday, April 10, 2011

2011 Barkley Results

Well, unless you're been so busy running you've had no time to connect to the online running world, you'll know that a little race called the Barkley recently occurred.

As always, there was much anticipation around this event, and it was great to receive regular updates from those on the scene as the runners passed through camp.

In the end there were nine runners that completed the fun run: Brett Maune, Alan Abbs, Carl Laniak, Travis Wildeboer, Blake Wood, Nick Hollon, Joe Lea, James Demur, and Jon Barker.

Of these, two men progressed to loop 4 - Brett and Carl. Brett alone began loop 5 - and finished in 57:20 (unofficial time), becoming the 10th person to ever finish all five loops of the Barkley Marathons 23 years of the event being held.

To read race reports and see pictures from those who attended, go to Matt Mahoney's Barkley Marathons Page and scroll down past the 2011 Results.

More notes are to follow.

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