Thursday, February 24, 2011

Early morning discoveries

Found a neat little hill on my run this morning... usually I take the same few routes around the neighborhood, switching it up as I feel or to fit the mileage I'm looking for, but this time I tried a new route.

This new route started from a side road I typically run past, but this morning I headed up it. The road wound through a residential neighborhood then turned sharply to twist up a steep hill. Even in the darkness I could not help looking off over the drop-off to the left to admire what is likely a nice view of the city by day... by night, it was a sea of twinkling streetlights and taillights.

It was about a half-mile climb to the top, and I ran all the way with little trouble... the hill training is beginning to pay off (whoo-hoo!). As I neared I could see at least two houses that still had their Christmas lights up. Red, green, white, and gold fairy lights traced the outline of the properties, and one roof had white gleaming icicles draped along the overhang.

In the darkness these houses seemed quaint; perched at the top of the hill overlooking the city, above the clouds and somehow in another place and time where Christmas was yet to come. By day, of course, the effect would be quite different - they would become just one more of those houses that one drives by and thinks "I can't BELIEVE they haven't taken their lights down yet!"

On the hilltop the road went left and right - I turned left and ran for about a block, taking in the large, roomy-looking homes. There was one that looked a bit like a castle, with a two-story tower and pointed red roof - this one I liked very much. Beyond that point, however, the road got darker, and as I could not see further I decided to turn around.

Due to the time I decided to head back down the path and rejoin my usual route - that was enough exploring for one day, and I could come back for the next run to see where the road to the right leads.

I'm hoping to meet some reindeer the next time.

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