Friday, January 28, 2011

The inconvenience of ultras

While having lunch with a coworker today, she asked me about my next race.

I told her about the Coyote Two Moon. That it's in Ojai, about 6-7 weeks from now. I also described the format of the race and why it's called the Two Moon - because while most 100 miles races will start on Saturday morning and end on Sunday, going thought one night, the C2M (as it's known to it's fans) begins sometime Friday night and ends early Sunday morning - so you end up running through two nights.

Hence: Coyote TWO Moon.

"Wow," my friend said, looking surprised. "that seems like a really big oversight." She furrowed her brow. "Why would they start on Friday night? That seems pretty inconvenient!"

Inconvenient. I smiled to myself as I considered how much my fellow runners and I will regularly pay for the inconvenience of running a 100 mile race.... the dirt, the hills, the sore muscles, the miles... yeah, it was all pretty inconvenient. Yet, there is something about every one of those things that make it so, so incredibly joyful, fullfilling, and... wonderfully convenient.

It's a convenient inconvenience, I decided.

I made a firm mental note to bring this up to the Race Director when I saw him, then let the conversation carry on, my friend munching on her fries.

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